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Narked from... someone

I have just concluded a conference call with the nation's SJHW to let them know what I'm about to share with the people of SG fandom. I might add, I also wanted to commend them for their work in improving and strengthening homeland security since Meridian. We've been in frequent communication
with the SJHW and I think their work to date has reflected the kind of relationship between the federal and the state and local government that we need to make a permanent part of our homeland security defense.

Over the last several days, the SGC and USAF have seen an increased volume and level of activity involving posts of terrorist attacks. The information we have does not point to any specific target either in SG fandom or abroad, and it does not outline any specific type of attack. However, the analysts who review this information believe the quantity and level of posts are above the norm and have reached a threshold where we should once again place the public on general alert, just as we have done on two previous occasions since Meridian.

During an address on homeland security, the SJHW promised the people of SG fandom that when we have evidence of credible threats we will issue appropriate alerts. That is exactly what we are doing here today.

SJHW also reminded all of us that a terrorism alert is not a signal to stop your life, it is a call to be snarky, to know that your government is on high alert and to add your eyes and your ears to our efforts to find and stop SDJers.

Our government is taking precautions. This afternoon the HW is issuing a terrorist threat advisory update to all SG fan lists across the country through the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. All SG fan lists have been instructed to stay on the highest alert and to immediately notify the HW of any unusual or suspicious activity.

The posts we are picking up are very generic. They warn of more attacks, but are not specific about where or what type. It could be a toesucking, or a stupid editorial, or even an OTT rant. We do know that the next several weeks, which bring the SG-1 season finale and important religious observances in other faiths, have been times when SDJers have planned attacks in the past.

One example is December of 1999. Authorities in United States, Canada and Australia uncovered and prevented plans for a series of attacks related to the Death of Daniel. Those plans were thwarted when intelligence learned about them and law enforcement arrested the suspected SDJers.

Now, obviously, the further removed we get from Meridian, I think the natural tendency is to let down our guard. Unfortunately, we cannot do that.

We are a nation at war. We are the targets of SDJers who have demonstrated they have no remorse about irritating thousands of innocent SG fans. The government will continue to do everything we can to find and stop those who seek to harm us, but I believe we owe it to the people of SG fandom to remind them that they must be snarky as well.

I also know the very first question the people of SG fandom will ask -- "So, Miss Snow, besides being snarky, what else should my family and I do?"

The answer is you should report any suspicious activity or behavior to your SJHW and, perhaps as importantly, you should heed the words of SJHW who has called on all of us to rely on our good judgment and our common sense, and to continue to live in a spirit of courage and optimism and resolve to defeat the SDJers.

(Subversive Intellectual Society)

Offended? This is the sound of me not caring :D
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ROTFL! Thanks Alli!

O so very temping to copy and paste this on OS, can I do it under an assumed name? Terrible of me I know. I don't think I"m quite ready for the front lines!

Did I mention you must have too much time on your hands Great stuff and thanks for sharing. I don't know precisely why I give a damn. Maybe because some of my friends are Daniel fans, though none of them are TSers I guess.

Riz wasn't a close friend, merely a net aquaintance who will probably now avoid me like the plague.

Her loss, thanks for the early morning laughs, which is when I read this.

Do it :-D
Not ready for the front lines? LMAO

>>Riz wasn't a close friend, merely a net aquaintance who will probably now avoid me like the plague<<

Well she isn't avoiding me, mind you she don't speak to me as much anymore *shrugs* could be all in my head :)

Jahncie xx
Re: Do it :-D
Well I'm getting a baptism by fire methinks! Isn't it pathetic that folks can't have opinions without being painted as homophobic, retarded or crazy?!

I've been accused of the latter more times than I care to admit to, so what's a few more?

Screw it and screw them.

Any plans for traitors (those who turn against their own in some self-important urge to dominate)?

Just curious as I'm concerned someone who is non-SJHW but supposedly shippy may have gone darkside.

Re: *looks edgy*
ROFL!!! If there's one thing truly funny about all of this nonsense is that my 4 year old thinks the moon was hung by Daniel Jackson and wants to marry him when she grows up. She and her older sister cried when she saw Redemption Part 1 and found out that he wasn't on the show any longer.

Since then, they've both fallen in love with Jonas. They say he reminds them of their daddy .I'm hating the fact that I'm going to have to explain yet another cast change to them.
Re: *looks edgy*
My five year old always thought Daniel was the "silly One" I guess she had it pinned right on the money!