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Over at my other, gently-used lj, salmonczar, I've posted the "back cover blurb" to my original, untitled, unwritten story. Yes, I have a blurb before the story's even written.

Lorelei, Nathan, Elael and Gil are slowly but surely becoming actual people in my mind. It's cool and kind of freaky. Part of me can't wait to put them through the wringer. Another part of me is afraid because, unlike fanfic, these are my characters and I don't want to screw them up.

Anyway, if you're interested in further snippets, you're welcome to friend salmonczar. I definitely won't be posting as much there as I do on this lj (this is both a pro and a con...) and I don't know if I will be posting the story in its entirety, assuming there is an entirety at some point. But I do want to post occasional snippets and blurbs, so there's that.

So... yeah.
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