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This sucks

I'm having some blood taken tomorrow for some general lab stuff, and I have to fast.

I'm HUNGRY. 8pm-on is like my favorite time to eat!

In other news, I bought some more books from amazon! I know - I haven't finished the last batch - but I can help myself. I got a collection which includes "Mimsy were the Borogoves" cause it just sounds cool, one of Sharon Shinn's titles that I've been meaning to pick up for a while, Heart of Gold, and Dusk by Tim Lebbon. If I remember correctly, he had a story in an anthology I read last year that I thought was noteworthy, and it somehow related to this book, so I put it on my wishlist.

It's very soothing spending money on things that are not related to school.

Still hungry. Grr.
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I'm actually fairly excited about the movie... even though they've obviously change a LOT about the plot. It at least looks like they're keeping the core idea of the story and rebuilding around it, which isn't too bad a way to do it.

I do have to protest the fact that they only have Henry Kuttner's name on the book, though. It was published under the name Lewis Padgett because it was written by two people: Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore. Sure, they mention her down in the description, but it's almost as an afterthought... She's a fairly significant writer in her own right and it sort of annoys me that she's getting relegated to, essentially, a footnote.

That said, "Mimsy were the Borogroves" has been one of my favorite short stories ever since I stumbled across it in high school.
Yeah, fasting is poopy. I'm doing it for Lent, so I definitely feel your pain. How long do you have to go before your blood test today? Can you chow down as soon as you leave?
Going to leave as soon as Mom's ready - she's going with me because last time I had blood taken I got really lightheaded - but yeah, I plan on having some serious munchie time afterwards :D