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TWoP's recap of BSG - I actually pretty much agree with it!

Some quick procrastinatey thoughts:

I agree with those who say Cally needs to grow up. Cause really? *smack*

OMG Kara did some piloty things!

No Anders or Dee. Yippie!

Mom and Dad are so cute. Even when Dad's making scary threats and Mom is being all "let's burn books"! Cause really, why not just cut out the middle man and burn the author instead? We could call it a weenie roast!

In short - a standalone, not terribly exciting, but at least more interesting than the last couple of weeks (A/R goodness aside). Doesn't bother me that Adama and Laura are getting more hardass because they both had very valid points, but then again, I'm a Republican. Heheh.
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e problem was that, as an NCO, you don't get to pick and choose what orders you will and won't obey. On that point, there can be no ambiguity.


I think they were all just @#$% lucky RDM didn't decide to toss a squad of Cylon fighters on them.

No kidding.