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Fic. Meh.

You know, the only thing worse than having a fic in-progress and having no desire to write is having no fic in-progress and wanting to write something. I actually started trawling through my 'started but forgotten' stories last night... found one that began rather promisingly, but I don't know exactly where I was going with it. A snippet follows, just 'cause I'm mean like that.

Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night, and just for a second, a split second, I'll forget that there's someone sleeping next to me. It's like awakening in a strange bed, someplace away from home, a hotel room or a tent on an alien world; for just a second, one disorienting second, you expect to be home.

I'm already home, already in my own bed, but for that one moment I'll expect to be the sole occupant. And then I'll notice something, never the same thing twice. Maybe it's the depression in the mattress, the way my body tends to list to the right, or maybe it's the sound of breathing. Or soft snoring. Maybe it's simply a subtle smell in the air. More lately, however, it's been an unconscious hand on my waist or thigh. Breath in my hair or against my neck.

Tonight, however, it was different. No sound or smell. No movement, no touch. Just a deep, daring, three a.m. feeling of want. Of need.


There's March 08, I know, I know, trust me, I know, but there's just something missing from my current ponderings that I have yet to identify. I've started it a half-dozen times, but it just feels flat. I remain convinced that one of these days I'll be struck by an epiphany and be able to whip out the final chapter in mere minutes... I'm still waiting.

Also thinking about Sleepers 2. It's missing something as well, but with a long fic I'm pretty safe in just starting to write and coming up with the twist later. I remember when I was writing Sleepers, it was originally just going to be about Jack and the artifact and all those issues. The rest came later during one of those fic-epiphanies, and I was mentally debating for weeks whether or not I should do it, or could pull it off. I know the sequel will revisit the artifact, my schizo OC and introduce a new - alien - baddie, but that's about it at this point.

Finally, I still have that 85% finished reincarnation fic sitting on my HD. It's just... weird. It's beyond weird, actually. It's on drugs. The same drugs as Changeling, only more of them. I'd post it under an alias, but too many people know now... *looks around furtively*

Alas. Dry spells do happen. I'll just have to wait for Musey to make herself known...

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