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Jacques Chirac, on the threat of a nuclear Iran, January 31, 2007.
“I would say that what is dangerous about this situation is not the fact of having a nuclear bomb,” he said. “Having one or perhaps a second bomb a little later, well, that’s not very dangerous.

Jacques Chirac, on the threat of global warming, February 3, 2007.
In his call to action at a French-sponsored environment conference on Saturday, Chirac said, “It is our responsibility. The future of humanity demands it.”

And Europeans wonder why the United States doesn’t give much of a shit what they think

No kidding.

ETA: As somebody comments over on RT: "Well, a nuclear attack could create a nuclear winter which would end the global warming. This way, the French could surrender and claim to have contributed to solving the problem of global warming at the same time.
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No Europeans wonder why*some* Americans apparently don't give a shit about the planet and yet care so much about making war.
*raises eyebrows* So you think Iran having nukes is no big deal? That a nuclear-armed Iran is eco-friendly and less critical than *global warming*?
Ultimately neither one is that big a deal. Iran has a nuclear power with a superior military on one border (Israel), a bunch of US military forces on the other sides (in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Afghanistan; the morality of their presence being a separate issue), and no delivery system that can even get close to the US even if they do get a bomb in 3 or 4 years rather than the 5 to 10 that most experts predict that it will take. Furthermore, Iran has been making lots of rapproachment noises with everyone since at least the Khatami administration, which continue even under the admittedly nutjobby Ahmadenijad, and currently has a lot of economic ties with the rest of the world that would make war very bad for business. Now, if we fire the first shot, well any country in the world is going to defend themselves bitterly, regardless of how unpopular the ruling administration may be (historical examples in the last century or so being the Russians during WWII and the Iraqis today, among others), but as long as we cut the saber rattling, Iran's leaders aren't stupid. They know full well that moving aggressively against the world's biggest military (us) and/or the biggest power in the region (Israel) would be nigh instant suicide.

By much the same token, people are also muddling through the environmental problems on their own just fine. Hybrid cars still have waiting lists a mile long (and thanks to some of the Honda efforts, perform very competively with their pure gas cousins), recycling and solar technology get better every day, sustainable farming and biotech increase yields and decrease the need for chemical fertiilizers...all while a lot of the third world (especially China) skips 100 years of polluting technology and jumps straight from agriculture to high tech ways of doing things...basically inefficiency is bad for business, and people's desire to make money will wind up fixing a lot of the environmental problems without government needing to get in the way. Not that it will stop government from trying to do so anyway of course, but they really don't have to.
And Europeans wonder why the United States doesn’t give much of a shit what they think

Europeans don't give a damn what the US thinks anymore. The United States no longer enjoys much respect in Europe, or anywhere else around the world.
While Jacques Chirac may often be something of a buffoon, it might be worth paying attention to his designated successor for the centre-right UMP coalition - Nicolas Sarkozy. For a part of the world where the right wing has been muffled for many years, he has a lot of fairly fresh ideas on where to go - ideas that I heard a commentator say the other day that Republicans perhaps should be paying attention to.
Actually Hungarian,and no I'm not proud of that.
Are you working on offending the most possible LJ friends at the same time or it comes naturally?
Actually Hungarian,and no I'm not proud of that.

I wikied him, and Rob's right... he's got some good quotes ;)

Are you working on offending the most possible LJ friends at the same time or it comes naturally?

By naturally giving my opinion, of course.