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My Disclosure Review...

Is now up on I have to say, Yam gets the credit for the opening *g* I'd probably still be working on it if she hadn't provided that bit of inspiration.

I still can't believe I didn't make a single French joke. Such restraint.

I sent in my Forsaken review, too. Technically I could start on Changeling, just to get a little ahead, but I still don't know what to say about that episode other than weird shite.

Now, really must do science homework so I can devote my non-class hours tomorrow to Spanish review.
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To be honest Alli I don't know how you could write a review for Disclosure, talk about your lousy eps.....

Forsaken was great, I will look forward to your commments when they are posted.

Good luck in Spanish

Heh. I actually didn't think Disclosure was all that bad, but then again I'm a politics junkie.
O I like politics on Tv, West Wing is one of my favorite shows but there was just something lacking in Disclosure, perhaps the rest of the team? Some salty Jack commentary, even Jonas bouncing on his toes, anything would have helped IMO. I do like Major Cutie Pie but methinks he was there more for window dressing....of course this is not a bad thing.