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Meet the pup!

There is a new four-legged critter at my house.

Yes, that makes six in total. Four cats and, now, two dogs.

This is Pheobe. We're keeping her shelter name, since she responds to it. Kinda amusing that now we have a Piper (one of my kitties) and a Pheobe.

Anybody want to take a guess at her, ah, ancestry?

ETA: A few more pics: here and here.
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She looks a bit like a boxer. :-)

Pretty dog!

You going for Paige or Prudence next. ;-)
lol, if we get a new animal any time soon my dad will run screaming down the street.
That's what they said at the shelter, but they don't always know what they're talking about. For example, they thought my other dog was a girl. He's not ;)
Heh. You'd think there would be some pretty obvious clue he's not a girl. :D

She looks like she's got some Pit in her.
She's gorgeous. And from the looks I would say she's at least part pit bull. She's got a nice build to her.
Ooooooh! She's adorable! I looove how her forehead gets all wrinkly when she smiles. :D You're one lucky puppy momma. And yes, definitely Pit or Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Congratulations!
She looks like a boxer/pit bull type mix. The face looks very pit bull, but the build is more boxerish.
What a pretty girl! Definitely has Stafidshire in her. That face is all Staffie.