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omg I'm thinking about fic.

And where is seldear? WHERE, I ask you?

Well, I don't know. But she ain't on AIM.

*looks stern*


Obviously we're working on conjecture, here, because the Athosians are the most-ignored minority since... well, I was going to say the Maquis on Voyager, but by comparison they really were not ignored at all. But in any case, working on what we know about the Athosians, what would you guess about their culture - beliefs, values, priorities - and how do you think those things changed (if they did at all) after Return I&II?

Since that ep hasn't aired in the US yet, I'll continue under a cut.

Does everyone agree that we're supposed to figure the Athosians are still on the planet where they relocated after the Lanteans kicked them out? Is that place actually known as New Athos, or is that just fanon?

Oh yeah, I was also going to ask - how much time passed between the expedition leaving Atlantis and when they returned in Return Pt II?
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