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It's what killed the cat...

I present to you -- an SGA poll.

Just curious... and bored...

Behind a cut because it's Sunday-related.

Poll #911187 Teyla and Sunday

Who were Teyla and Dr. Houston discussing in the beginning of "Sunday"?

Somebody else entirely (comment, pls)
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Aww. I can't answer b/c they haven't started showing new eps of SGA where I am yet.
Just out of interest, why are Ronon and Carson called by their first names, and Sheppard and McKay by their last? Is this an effort to somehow weight the poll?
lol. Well, nobody really calls Ronon 'Dex', do they? In fandom, I mean. And Carson, I guess I just feel more squishy towards him after 'Sunday'.
I think the writers meant her to be referring to Shep, but that was only to piss off yet another group with this ep. ;) Personally, I couldn't care less who ends up with who anymore. *shrug*
Someone else. Remember a few episodes back, one of them ended with all of them sitting around a table in the mess hall, and they were teasing Teyla about liking someone. Someone who is not one of the main characters. I think it's that guy.
I have to say, it struck me that it could be Carson, but the fact that it was someone "oblivious" made me realize it was obviously John. LOL.
Yup. Also the contention that he wouldn't make the first move. Cassanova he is not.