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The Democrats are soon taking over Congress while right now the world is threatened by murderous thugs and nuclear weapons, and what are the three things they're going to act on first? The minimum wage, student loans, and Medicare.

Come on!

Seriously, just give these guys a sandbox to play in while the adults handle the problems. I'm tired of the federal government focusing on piddling crap and ignoring the one thing it was created for: Destroying countries we hate.

Is anyone in the government going to focus on killing our enemies? Anyone?

Fine. Americans are self-reliant people. If the government isn't handling something, we handle it ourselves. It works out better that way. Perhaps, for the first time ever, private citizens will have to handle foreign affairs. I'm thinking of organizing a group to fly over to countries we don't like, completely trash the places with whatever munitions we get our hands on, and then we wrap it up in a bar somewhere over beers. I just need a cool name for it. Maybe "Citizens for Scared Foreigners."

This could be a great idea. Think of the effect it would have onother nations if they knew that, if they pissed America off, a group of angry American citizens could suddenly come into their country and kick their ass. And they can't complain to the American government to stop us because they're too busy figuring out what's a "living wage." I say we first attack the Mexican government for sucking so much and because it's only a drive away. Then we can work on getting transportation to rough up all the idiots in the Middle East. Bring ammo and sunscreen.
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