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I had probably the weirdest dream ever last night. I blame that m&m-covered apple.

The dream involved Darth Vader, flying zombies, singing zombies, zombie rats, a person-sized bag of chips with a chip clip (you know, to keep the bag closed), Sasquach, seldear and natilla, as sisters, trying to convince me to go with them to Elko, Nevada to harvest almonds and fish for trout, and a flying saucer with a very odd sort of hull breach.
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LOL Just the visual from your discription is bizarre..the dream must have been really weird!!

Wonder what they are coating those m&m's in these days....
It's official.

I'm skeerid of you.

What the hell is in ELKO???
I'm skeerid of you.

And this is just happening now??

What the hell is in ELKO???

Beats me. I think I saw it on a weather map the other day, though.