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Is this a spoiler?

Tao of Rodney:

Undoubtably the fluffiest yet simultaneously the most pointless episode of SGA ever.

True, the Rodney/[insert name here] shippers and/or slashers must have had some fun. The bit with Lizzie at the end was kind of cute... it reminded me of that scene between Lee and Kara in that one ep after the reunion smooch. But since when is Lizzie an expert on ascension? And why was Shep trying to teach Rodney meditation instead of Teyla -- especially after what we saw in Echoes? And is Rodney going to be any different from here on out? Because as cute as it kind of was, that would be the only thing that could really rescue this ep from its pointlessness.

Who wrote it, btw?
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I'm betting Martin Gero wrote it.

I was thinking the same thing about Shep teaching him meditation. I think it was purely for the McShep factor, but I definitely would've liked it better if Teyla was doing it.
It would've made infinitely more sense for Teyla to be teaching him. My friend Stacey and I had a little 'bzuh?' moment over it when we watched it last night. Which consisted of 'Why is Shep of all people teaching meditation?' 'Cause there hasn't been enough Shep is the episode to satisfy tptb.' 'But Teyla'd make so much more sense since, you know, she meditates instead of naps.' 'Again, you're trying to stuff in logic. Don't do that. You'll be disappointed.'