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I'm trying to come up with some kind of Christmas craft or art project for my fifth graders to do, and I'm coming up completely blank. The other fifth grade teachers... well, one is doing some kind of needlepoint, of all things, and the other is having a knowledgable parent come in and do something, and if I have any crafty parents they have yet to reveal themselves. So I'm going through the internet page by page, and everything I'm finding is either way too elaborate (i.e. expensive) or way too young. What do you do with ten and eleven year olds that isn't too dorky, but isn't too costly?
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Dylan made me a decoration out of plaster ... but he's five

I made my mum a red felt stocking when i was ickle

Can't think of anything else that isn't really young :/

I'd suggest making papier mache ornaments but that might get a bit messy - all that paste and craft glue and kids get sticky at the end of the day.
Hmm...if your school has a computer lab you could always do spiffy image and art laden cards in photoshop or some card making program, ie digital crafts. Baring that, how bout pinecone decorating? I've got some fond memories of making giant pinecones up to be essentially minature Christmas trees with a bit of glitter, tassel, maybe some micro-ornaments, that sort of thing. As I recall we then glued them to a construction paper base/card when they were done. Not sure if that's age appropriate, and it might be a little messy if you don't set it up right, but it should be fun. Perhaps bring in some cartoon/pop culture related cake party favors to use as decorations, to make them a bit more hip to the kids' interests.
White glue, wrapping paper scraps, and ornament forms (available at your local craft shop.) It's make your own ornament time! Add some ribbon, pearls, flowers, stickers... whatever floats your boat. I do recommend the flat ornament forms; getting the rounds to work is trickier. You can buy decoupage glue, but white elmers in thin coats works just as well.
I realise that "Ornament forms" is pretty vague. I found a pic here :

They're at Hobby Lobby and Micheals, and sometimes you can buy them by the bag. Much better than doing your own paper mache ornaments. They make balls, too, but the flat surface ones look better in wrapping scraps. Cut it a lil bigger than the ornament, glue it down, glue the overhang to the sides, then hot glue or craft glue ribbon or lace around the edges. Or don't, as you prefer. :)