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No spoilers... I just have to say that RST has made me so spoiled. I kept thinking, Less missions, more nookie, less missions, more nookie!

*shakes head*
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Re: snicker
Dude, tell me about it. Naked Syd, alcohol, an obvious need for some life-affirming, thatwasahorriblemission sex... but was there nookie? No! At least none that we got to see *pouts*

*needs to make a Less Missions, More Nookie! LJ icon...*
Re: snicker
I was thinking, whoa, Syd! I don't know that I'd have been that comfortable with someone I'd just embarked on a new romantic/physical relationship. But, kudos to her! And to Vaughn for bringing her wine.

Now, what to do w/EFT?