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The Right Wing fear machine

Working on report cards still, but this just cracked me up...

Today, Americans all across the country, living and dead, will exercise their right and responsibility to vote Democrat. Of all the rights granted to us in the Constitution, the Right to Vote Democrat is one of our most sacred, second only to the Right to Choose. So it is vital that no matter how many times we vote today, we do so with the same courage and conviction we put into having abortions.

As usual, KKKarl Rove and his fear-mongering goon squad are trying to frighten voters into keeping the Neocon Nazis in power. They claim that liberals don't take the so-called "terrorist threat" seriously, and that a win for Democrats would only encourage the so-called "terrorists" to launch another so-called "terrorist attack".  They say that Democrats don't know who the real enemy is, and are therefore incapable of leading our uneducated, babykilling,genital-mocking, Quran-mishandling, prisoner-torturing, war criminal troops in Dictator Bush's illegal and immoral crusade for oil. They even mock our calls for a Timetable for Retreat in Iraq, and suggest that it will only serve to embolden Iraqi freedom fighters. These all are merely scare tactics the GOP uses every election to weaken our resolve.

Remember what FDR said: We have nothing to fear but Global Warming. If Republicans are allowed to remain in power for one more day, the icecaps will melt, the atmosphere will burn off, the drinking water will turn to arsenic, marine life will cease to exist, and Hurricane Katrina will return more powerful and racist than ever before. The Bill of Rights will be abolished, along with important amendments like Roe v.Wade and the Right to Free Heath Care. Religious extremism will continue to stymie important medical research that will save lives and allow Christopher Reeve to walk again. Slavery will be reinstated, Black churches will burn, gays will hang from telephone poles, and children will be forced to adhere to stereotypical gender roles. Meanwhile, taxes will plummet to dangerously low levels, while important programs like social security and free condoms for kindergartners will wither on the vine.

Oh yes, be afraid. Be very afraid, for all these things will come to pass if we succumb to right-wing fear mongering at the polls today


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