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So I declared to my parents Saturday morning that the reason the episode ended with Adama shaving is because he was on his way to Colonial One to lay a big wet one on Roslin, and he didn't want to get her all scratched up with the 'stache.

I was quite relieved to see that BSG was back on its game this week, considering the relatively blehness of the first three episodes of the season. I'm still not quite sure why Baltar let D'Anna walk off with Hera... not that I really expected him to do the right thing, but c'mon... bargaining chip, anyone? The reunions were very cute, and I got a little choked up when Tigh told Adama about Ellen. Poor dumb Ellen.

And poor Kara. This season has not been kind to her, in several ways. I didn't like the whole Casey storyline, because... I don't know. She was just so much less kick-ass. Or maybe it's not Casey's fault. Maybe it was the Rapunzel hair. Anyway, even though she looks about two seconds away from a nervous breakdown, I have hopes for Kara from here on out. Hopefully she will get her kick-assed-ness back.

I think we all knew that Mya wasn't going to make it. And that Fat Little Puppy Apollo was going to come riding to Papa's rescue. Although I didn't expect them to blow up Pegasus. Not exactly sad about it, though, because them all being stuck on the same ship again will make their emotional and relationship dysfunction so much more... dysfunctional.

And dysfunction is fun, when it's somebody else's.

Now, someone tell me when I can download Return II, and I will be a happy camper.

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