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- seldear went home today. Well, she started her day-or-so-long trek back to Oz, at least. If memory serves, she's waiting for her connecting flight in LAX right now. I'm kind of surprised she hasn't found a way to get online yet. Hopefully that means she found a way to amuse herself.

- With everything going on my birthday has kind of been stretched into a birthweek. I got to open presents from my parents (an mp3 player, a chill pad, noise-canceling headphones, the KT Tunstall CD, Futurama S4 and Farewell to Harry, which I'm interested in only for the Joe factor) and my brother (a cool SGA shirt he found on eBay). At the moment I'm listening to my mp3 player, which is a 2 gig Sansa e250, and very cool. And not an iPod! Woo!

- Yay about SG-1 getting movies :) Cause honestly, I couldn't care less about this online game thingy. Apparently I'm not as geeky as I thought I was. Pity.

Today's top stories:

- Yankee's player's plane crashes into building This whole thing just fits into so many categories -- freaky, when we weren't sure whether or not it was an accident, and sad, obviously, and just plain weird because when these bizarre things happen you certainly don't expect them to be someone known to the public. I don't know anything about Lidle or his family but my thoughts are with them now.

- American Al Qaeda member to be indicted for treason Good. Scumbag.

- The UN doesn't know what the hell to do about North Korea Okay, that's not the real headline, although it probably should be. I thought it was awfully cute of Jimmy Carter to try to help Clinton dodge any responsibility, coincidently forgetting to mention in his editorial that his all-important negotiations with Korea in the 90s were practically worthless, because NK cheated. As John McCain pointed out, it was an "all carrot, no stick" policy. Go back to your peanuts, Jimmy.

- And I just thought this was weirdly interesting: Earth's wobbly orbit blamed for mass mammal extinctions

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