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Two questions

And a complaint: ugh, my neighbor's freaking dog will not stop barking. I want to shoot it. And I'm not usually that kind of person.

1. Where can I buy postage? I mean, other than at the post office. I hate the post office.

2. Also, any ideas where I could find a cheap, basic bar stool? I want somewhere to perch when I'm lecturing. ;)
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Costco for both. Any major grocerie store should have stamps at check-out. You can also get bart tickets at the store too.

Target should also have stools.
No costco card, sadly ;)

Good point about the grocery store.

I checked Target's site... looks like Linens n Things might have them a little bit cheaper.

Thanks :)
Our post service does a buy online and print your own stamp thing, can you do that there?

And Ikea :)

Most Nob Hills, Safeways and Albertson's carry stamps at the cash registers now. Long's do, too, I think.

And if you absolutely have to go to the PO for anything, try a smaller substation; they usually aren't as busy.

Then there's the online thing someone mentioned, too.
Well, it's not that it's busy that's the problem... it's that the people who work there are assholes.

Thanks :)
I hear ya! There's a real weirdo at the one nearest my office. My co-workers and I just *pray* we don't get him when we have to go!
Forgot to answer #2 - Target, Wal-Mart?, or one of those home desperate type places? Lowe's, etc.