I'm sorry for anybody who works at a Citgo, but I'd rather walk than have any of my money go to that second-rate Castro wannabe Chavez. And anybody at the U.N. who gave him such fervent applause should get the hell out of our country. They piss me off.
Just pondering because I don't really remember your first post on Chavez. When was it? If you do remember :)

Not malign intention here and I don't like either Chavez or Bush so I believe while not in the best of your books I can't be in the worse, right? ;)
ohh, okay I thought I might have missed while away studying I wasn't aware that it was the first that one.

So the first you heard about what he says about your president was when he was there?
It wasn't the first thing I'd ever heard of him, but it was the first thing the news picked up on during this trip. Then when he went to Harlem and offered them discounted gas. Creep.
Ahh, okay. Just seemed weird to me that he's been insulting Bush for all the time he's been in power and you didn't comment - made me wonder how the news system work over there since it seems you don't get many international ones.
All the major news networks carry international news.

I think the prevailing feeling over here, at least among people who don't hate Bush as much as Hugo does, is he can say what he wants about him in his country because we all know he's a scummy little dictator from a scummy little country. Generally I don't care -- I know they were rooting for Kerry in 2004. But to actually come to US soil and say that crap is a whole other level of audacity, and hopefully it's making an impact on Citgo.
Well I doubt there's anyone who hates Bush more than Hugo... well wait there might be Castro and a few more but well it's hard thing to manage.

I find it extremely funny that a dictator does say that because I'm no fan of Bush but he was voted by the people and like it or not he's going to be there for a determinate time not for as long as he can manage.

But it did stick me as weird that you hadn't commented on him, it just it would tick me if anyone said something against a politician I liked (shame on me because I don't like one single politican but that's another matter).

And I hope something is done, it would be nice; yet I don't expect anything to happen - too many dictadures in today's world and no one cares just because they're not in our own soil. But that's another can of worms
Well, 7-11 dropping Citgo is a positive development... it remains to be seen if they can find another distributor to replace them.

And as far as Hugo goes, there are enough people a lot closer and more influential in American circles that I can whale on, I don't need to go to South America -- yech ;)
*shakes head* And I thought you got over your fear of those Spanish classes and I see you fear it so much that you don't want to speak of the countries that have such language as official ;-p
ese es el comentario más estúpido que he leído en mi vida.

and languages, even if to you it doesn't look like, do matter quite a bit and makes us learn far more than just learning "stuff".

Come, you MUST have read something stupider at some point.

Some people like learning other languages, including Spanish. I'm not one of them, and lucky me, my job description requires that I only be fluent in one language, English.

Come, where is some of that famous European tolerance?
how much did it take you to translate that? or where did you get it translated? (altavista? wordlingo?)

And probably I might've read something stupider but well it's hard to come up with one right now :P

I know some people like learning other languages, I'm in the middle of those that do and those that don't but I see the importance of learning them because it shows a lot more about today's world and the world's culture and history and makes everything make more sense.

Well the "famous" European tolerance is equivaleted with the "famous" North American (USA, since I don't think of USA= North America) stupidity and egocentrism? ;) Plus I'm tolerant but of particular things, not of everything. European doesn't equal "please walk all over me", you know? ;) And European tolerance was eaten by European decission to speak one's mind always or at least it did in myself.