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Just another capitalist lemming

I bought Fisher's "True North" at BestBuy today. Yes, I managed to conceal my disgust while I was in the store. I can't help it... the have better prices than DiscJockey and better selection than Sam Goody. *shrugs*
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Don't get me started on Best Buy!!! We wasted a whole afternoon - evening going from Best Buy to Best Buy to get our TV and stand. They have one of the most inane systems. You can check online to see if something is in stock but it doesn't mean a darn thing.

Yes we have three Best Buys all within 20 minutes of us. Aren't we lucky?
Re: BestBuy

I don't know how BestBuys are in general, but our local BestBuy (< 5 minutes drive away) has (slightly) better prices, better selection and much better service than either the local Circuit City (also < 5 min away) or CompUSA (~15 min away). It's most likely an aberration -- or we have the worst Circuit City and CompUSA in existance, so the BestBuy seems good by comparison.

And "lucky"? Yeah, just the word I'd have chosen. Of course, luck comes in two flavors... <grins>
Re: DROOLING much!
LOL. I got it from Kels. The big version is on my other comp... I'll send it to you when I get back to school tomorrow.