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I don't like coming home and there being no one in the house. Not that I don't like having some quiet Alli-only time. But my parents should leave a note or something.

Yeah, I have issues.

Ooh and I could really go for a Cinnabon.

It has been insanely windy all day. (They wouldn't even let the kids do PE because there was sand blowing all over the place (Oakley is build on top of a giant anthill, hence, lots of sand)). Karl Rove must be experimenting with his Nego-killing weather machine again!

One of my 'challenging' students forgot to take his progress report home. I'm assuming he actually forgot and didn't just quote-unquote-forget. His house was on my way home, sorta, so I dropped it by. I hope his mom didn't find that creepy.

Hmm, Max seems to think there's someone outside. Maybe it's my folks.
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