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Yes, it's true

SciFi Friday was awesome tonight.

And there's no one on AIM.

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I've only watched SG-1 so far tonight but it was great. Fabulous even.

I loved all the team interaction, the adventure and deceit... Plus, I'm a newly converted Cam/Vala fan so their little bonding moment at the end was extra cute in my eyes. :)

I was saving Atlantis for later but if it was just as good I think I'll watch it now.
Some of the comments on stargate_eps said the beginning was kind of slow, but I just enjoyed the whole thing... good A/A and lots (relatively speaking) of Teyla and Beckett.
It was amazing tonight. I didn't know anyone met up on aim, I thought it was msn. How dense am I? Sadly I have both and talk to like the same five people :\
MSN drives me nuts! I'm going offline right now, but you can add my AIM SN: salmonczar. Ping me if you see me, and if there are folks in chat I'll bring you in :)
I was....where were you????? I was online till 8 your time, and had to go work.....
we were there until 10 our time. kelly and i were the last ones off at 10, but lisa and andrew bailed earlier
sirbrettley and realityhammerusa on AIM, sir_brettley and realityhammer on Yahoo.

But yeah, good shows!