This is a simplistic and dangerous way of looking at this.

So is this equally true?

Catholisism = 1,800 murdered

or were those people murderered by IRA extremists, terrorists who cared nothing for human life in order to achieve their aims? Catholicism didn't murder nearly 200 people, terrorists did.

Would the statement you posted apply to a Muslim child who was in your class or their religious but peaceful parents? Would they also be blamed? If we start hating every Muslim because of the vile acts of some then I don't think there is any hope left.

Terrorists should be hunted down where ever they are but to hate every Muslim because of the actions of a few is wrong I feel.

Your reaction was my first reaction to the graphic displayed here, but as I didn't understand why it said Islamism instead of Islamic, I looked up Islamism on Google. explains the difference...Sort of. The just I got from it is that Islamism is considered the radical sect of Islam. *shrug* I don't know if I explained that right.

Btw, love the icon.
The icon is a pic from on set,looks like Cybermen like chatting up the production crew.

I got this on Islamism.

"Reacting to the spectacular and violent events of 11 September 2001, many Western observers and policy-makers have tended to lump all forms of Islamism together, brand them as radical and treat them as hostile. That approach is fundamentally misconceived. Islamism -- or Islamic activism (we treat these terms as synonymous) -- has a number of very different streams, only a few of them violent and only a small minority justifying a confrontational response."

As Rach pointed out, the word usage is 'Islamism' which refers to the fundementalist movement rather than the Muslim community at large. And the equation is not just Islamism = 2996 murdered... it specifically mentions 9/11.