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Plotbunnies ahoy!

Whoa, if you haven't seen the video for Nickelback's Savin' Me, go here and check it out. Would that be an awesome show/book/whatever or what??

This guy is wandering around a busy city street looking wide-eyed and kind of crazy. Suddenly, he sees a guy on a cell phone about to step out into the street. Crazy guy pulls cell phone guy away from the curb just in time to save him from being crushed by a speeding vehicle, then crazy guy wanders away. Cell phone guy suddenly can see a counting-down ticker running above the head of everyone he sees, and basically it's counting down the seconds of each person's life. Most of the video is him going around understanding this weird new ability and being flabbergasted. He sees an old lady in an ambulance whose ticker runs out and she dies. Then he sees a young woman about to get in her car, and her ticker is going down very very fast; he grabs her and pulls her away just before some huge piece of construction equipment smashes her car. Then he melts away -- meanwhile, the woman who has been saved is staring around in amazement: she can see the tickers now.


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