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Tell me again why I get up at 8:30 for class at 11?

Oh yeah... it's because I'm an internet addict and it takes me hours to get anything done.

Well, there's also the fact that I didn't really get anything done yesterday, including working on my Spanish homework and studying for today's science exam (although I have my reasons for that) and I felt guilty and therefore decided to get up 'early' should I be inspired to be productive in the am.

And I can't say that I have been ;)

The science quizes have just all been so easy... I can't believe that the exam could be much worse, other than being longer. And so far I've been really good at understanding the material instead of just memorizing it; if it makes sense, it's much easier to recall later.

*sigh* I haven't finished my Disclosure review, either. Guess I'll be taking that home with me.

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