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Quick post (or at least that's the intention) before I leave for school

Today is Thursday! One day away from Friday! Yay!

Bones was back to it's old self last night... yay also! I loved the "Are you pregnant?" "No!" "Why are you looking at me?" scene, even though the new chick still gets on my nerves (but I suppose that's the point) and Bones throwing golf balls out of the pond and the scene where they all stabbed the dummy... Angela made me laugh out loud. And Parker is just cute as a button!

Going to try to be online tonight, since I miss all you guys. I won't be on Friday night - I'll actually have to download SG1 and SGA - because I'm taking Shelby to a Giants game, and we'll pretty much be leaving right after school. Third base line, seven rows back. Sweet :D

My cold is still lingering, but it's mostly just congestion now... the drippy achy tiredness is gone. Replaced by... PMS and cramps! What wonderful timing my body has!

Okay, I better go before I start getting too whiny.
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