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Bones premiere

Nice to see the characters again, but I'm already kind of tired of the new chick -- eek, another Cam -- and there was too much going on in the plot, bouncing around between the senator/junkie/businessman/private eye thing and the ongoing Bones family drama... I don't know. Hopefully it's gonna get better.

Also watched Justice -- geesh, talk about the overdwama. Plus the forensics just didn't hold up. Doubt this one is going to last... sorry, SpyDaddy.

ETA: I thought I saw Sora in a commercial for that shlocky-looking Standoff, and I was right! Go me!
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Heh... see, the young guy used to be on Dawson's Creek, where he played this really annoying gay guy, and that's really all I can see him as now. Even if he's become a lawyer in the meantime ;)

I don't usually go for law shows anyway, but I will try to catch the first ep of Shark... mostly cause Alexis is in it ;)