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Bones premiere

Nice to see the characters again, but I'm already kind of tired of the new chick -- eek, another Cam -- and there was too much going on in the plot, bouncing around between the senator/junkie/businessman/private eye thing and the ongoing Bones family drama... I don't know. Hopefully it's gonna get better.

Also watched Justice -- geesh, talk about the overdwama. Plus the forensics just didn't hold up. Doubt this one is going to last... sorry, SpyDaddy.

ETA: I thought I saw Sora in a commercial for that shlocky-looking Standoff, and I was right! Go me!
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Yeah, I wasn't too impressed with Justice, though I did like the young trial lawyer guy. I don't think I'll be giving up Criminal Minds for this one!
Heh... see, the young guy used to be on Dawson's Creek, where he played this really annoying gay guy, and that's really all I can see him as now. Even if he's become a lawyer in the meantime ;)

I don't usually go for law shows anyway, but I will try to catch the first ep of Shark... mostly cause Alexis is in it ;)