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"Sleepers" #5

Sitting across the table from the Colonel, Sam did what she could to scrutinize him without letting him - or anyone else for that matter - become aware that she was giving him any more attention than usual. For the most part that meant casual sweeping glances that encompassed everyone, short millisecond peeks out of the corner of her eye, and being extra mindful of him when he spoke.

There didn't seem to be anything unusual going on now; he didn't seem more preoccupied then usual, he didn't snap at anyone, and outwardly he appeared to be in better spirits now than he'd been during the pre-mission briefing. His observations about Dagin Lor were full of familiar wry wit, he painted a perfectly accurate picture of P3F-787 itself, and he didn't purposely fill his speech with comments he knew would go over Jonas' head.

Despite this, or maybe because of it, Sam wasn't fooled.

But it's not a ship story or anything. Honest. *g*
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