So what if I've got Shep/Weir leanings?

I like you anyway. Besides, you haven't seen most of the eps, which explains it ;)
Yup. I'm completely willfully ignorant.

Though I have to say that last week's episode did pretty much say categorically there was no Sheppard/Teyla. And yes, I know there are episodes that will say there is no Sheppard/Weir. I guess it proves we're all being willfully ignorant.
Hey!!My name is Maria and I wanted to thank you for your post(2001)on the Sheppard/Teyla thread, it was very interesting to read!

I don't know where I can post that...So I just wanted to ask you something, I 'm a big fan of john and teyla and do you know any spoilers or wathever about us..or even about Teyla?
And about stargate atlantis?Because I 'm dyng for some infos!

Thank you so much!If you can tell me all you