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Of lemons and, well, more lemons

This is all seldear's fault...

Oh my God, people are actually upset about the last episode of SG-1 because Sheppard carries a lemon with him with which to threaten Rodney (or so he tells Cam) and OMG THAT IS SO MEAN AND BRAD WRIGHT SOUND BE DRAWN AND QUARTERED! AND THE SHOW SUCKS!!111 AND OMG!!!!111oneoneone

Can you believe they aired that tripe? I mean, I'm still shaking from outrage. Brad Wright sucks!

Dude, SERIOUSLY! I am SOOOOO writing that asshole a mean letter- what an asshole. This show sucks. And now I never want to watch SG-1bullshit again. Nice work there geniuses.

Another future brain surgeon:

Rodney is NOT SG-1's whipping boy! Seriously, they made fun of him from the moment they arrived, and John fucking helped. I was particularly horrified by the whole lemon thing. Ha ha! Anaphylactic shock! It's FUNNEE!

Of course, later in the same post:

John and Rodney's Batman conversation. AWESOME. Because they obviously have conversations about completely random stuff everyday! And then they just paused and looked at each other and they were SO ABOUT TO KISS.

*cough* So, um, yeah.

Okay, just one more:

You know, even with a serious, life-hampering yet irrational fear going on I'd rather see someone threatened with an extreme (but irrational) fear of theirs than see someone who is meant to look out for that person gift another person who is meant to look out for them something that probably carries a lot of fear yeah, but damn, it could actually do harm! So fucking low.


Ugh, fangrrls. Losers.
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