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I saw Prophecy and Full Circle last night. Don't run away... no spoilers here, other than the fact that I really liked Prophecy (although I so did that storyline first, guys *g*) and I really liked elements of FC. As far as the episode as a whole... I'll have to think about it. There are just some eps I can't formulate an opinion on til I see it non-squinty.

[Oh... at some point between now, and, well, some point in the future, I plan on emailing DB. There are... things to say. And I wanted to extend the opportunity to anyone who wants to give him a message, and I'll pass it along. Either here on LJ, or you can email me if you want.

I know I don't have to tell anyone to be nice ;)]
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Ah, aha. Oh dear, I shall have to come up with something erudite and thought-provoking.

Oh, that makes two of us ;)

And have no fear, I grew up in the music industry and know far too well what a real name-dropper sounds/acts like. You're not even close, even without the initial switch.

That's good to know. The initial thing is just... well, DB is for 'Dear Brad', long story, but sometimes the acronym comes in handy. Anyway, I figure I've posted enough on LJ since that most people probably won't read this ;
You can always screen/delete the comments, I won't mind in the least -- had to do that myself a time or two.
Good idea.

I wish LJ let us make private/friends only comments as well as posts...