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Yes, I'm still alive

Wow, I don't remember the last time I went this long without posting. Way freaky.

Anyway, I've been insanely busy getting ready for school to start on Monday. There's so much to do that you have to break it down into tiny chunks or you'll go nuts. But I have really great, supportive teachers at my school who I know will help me with anything I need, and that keeps me from getting too anxious about it. I'm going to try to remember to take my camera tomorrow so I can get some pictures (yes, I'm working on a Saturday).

Stargate tonight... Atlantis... Wow. Ha! I really think I need to watch it again (11% downloaded atm) before I can really say anything, but I cracked up so many times... it was just what I needed after a long and busy week. I would have liked more Teyla and Ronon, of course, but I guess they had to make room for Carson somewhere ;) Also, if they were working on this around the same time as Sateda, and there was overlap, I can see how their roles in this episode might have been more limited. But man, everyone's expressions were just beyond hysterical.

And then SG-1... I missed some of the expo there in the beginning because my folks were yakking, but I think I was able to figure it out for the most part. In a cool way it was like a double-dose of Atlantis, only I had to put up with Daniel ;) They took out an Ori ship and a Wraith hive -- talk about productive! Sam and Rodney were fun but somehow I was waiting for something more... only I have no idea what. Sheppard carrying the lemon around - and giving it to Cam - made me laugh out loud... it totally reminded me of Batman keeping kryptonite on hand just in case Superman went evil. Kind of funny to think that an actual Ancient was hanging around Atlantis and nobody noticed. And then of course Daniel got her in trouble. Tsk tsk.

Does anyone else thing that the Ancients, although they're smart and everything, are really giant wanks?

ETA: Watching SGA again, and I find it really funny that Ronon is so amused by Lucius hitting on Teyla. Even during the scene where they go to take him to lunch and he's acting a wee bit more protective, he still has this bemused expression. And the way Teyla snaps when Lucius asks Shep if she's taken. And the expression on Shep and Ronon's face when Lucius makes the hair comment. And Teyla smacking Ronon's arm in annoyance -- omg they are so siblings. And the way Ronon takes food with him when they leave. And Lucius asking Carson if he likes women. And Rodney's gate quota. And Lizzie's pissoffedness at Carson.

"It's just that you're acting a little..."


"I had a different word in mind."

Bwaha. Lizzie likes the word smitten

I think Shep is going to get a whole lot of mileage off this one. Although I have to admit it would have been kind of fun to see him 'addicted' to Lucius too, but we can't have that because he's the Big Damn Hero!
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Huh. I actually was more annoyed by Richard Kind's character than anything else. Normally I like Stargate's humorous episodes--I love Urgo--but not this time. I get what you're saying about the McKay-Sam interaction lacking something, though.

And four nuclear bombs? A couple million dollars. A Prometheus-class ship? A couple billion dollars. Taking out a Wraith and and Orii ship at the same time, with the same blast? Priceless.
I was thinking about you during that week...I really pray your school year (brand spanking new teacher person you are) goes super well. And that you stay in education. I wish you all the fairy dust and supportive administration and decent parents and eager children I can possibly wish. It's not an easy road, nope, but I hope it proves rewarding for you. (And I know I don't write like I have a degree in much of anything, but I swear I exempted english off AP credits to get my humble BS.)