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Fic: Three Days in Limbo (R) by Alli Snow (4/5 and 5/5)

FANDOM: Stargate: Atlantis
TITLE: Three Days in Limbo: Day Three
AUTHOR: allisnow
GENRE: Drama, Sheppard/Teyla
RATING: R, for adult themes and situations
NOTES: Thanks to seldear for the beta, and to my muse for leaving a tiny little bit of my brain left after this was finished. This is a little darker than my usual; consider yourself warned. I'll be posting a chapter a day -- I figure if I can be completely possessed by a brain-eating fic, I can at least get a little satisfaction for driving others crazy. Don't worry, not holding the conclusion hostage for feedback, because I'm not a loser like that. Feedback is always nice, though.

>Day One
>Day Two
>Day Three

( Day Four and Day Five )
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VEry good. Very tense, intense, unexpected and disturbing. I'm strangely glad you didn't take the easy way out with Teyla, I'm also pleased that you actually had her and John deal with the aftermath of her decision.

Parts of it weren't easy to read, but it's certainly a better story for taking the difficult route.
Really, really great. Thank you.

Loved the plot and the detail and the characterizations.... Just really good. Thanks. :)
Alli, what a great story! Really painful to read in some parts, but really well done. No wonder this story ate your brain. I love the relationship not only between John and Teyla here, but the whole team. And I love that you brought the Wraith worshipers into it. Those guys creep me out big-time. Great job.
I only discovered this now... but awesome work. Seriously... this was about as dark as they come, but awesome all the same.
oh wow this was just an awesome story. I loved Teyla's pov and character. you made her strong, yet soft, and I loved how the story turned out.
I just wanted to let you know that I printed out this fic and read it during my lunch this week, and I really enjoyed it. It was dark, yes, and quite painful at times, but I thought it was interesting and well thought out and written. Thanks for sharing it.