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SGA: Misbegotten thoughts below...

Firstly, Teyla got to fly a ship! Yay! I mean, it didn't involve a whole lot of action, and we definitely need post-ep fic about her first try, but still -- yay :)

And she was so happy when she heard Shep's voice. "John!" Okay, I admit it, I squeed. I was expecting something more like "Colonel Sheppard!" *g* Actually I wouldn't have been surprised if they had just skipped the reunion altogether.

Maudlin Lizzie -- puke! Cripes.

The IOA continually passing judgment is starting to get a little old, but I liked the kind of 'behind the scenes' stuff about how they want Lizzie in charge cause they hate the military more. Still -- Woolsey overload this week, man.

Michael gets his brain wiped and then ends up being even more evil. And he can disarm big ass nukes. Go him.

This is how McKay should be -- entertaining and important without taking over the show. Thank you, boys.

Did I mention maudlin Lizzie made me gag? Just checking.

You know at least some of the Wraith survived. Although I wouldn't be surprised if Michael somehow made his own plans.

The ending... did I get that right? Does Lizzie get to keep her job because of a decision Shep made? HJGDJHGDIUYWSPIDAZ? Personally I don't know if I'm offended or amused. Possibly some of both.

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