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Fic: Three Days in Limbo (R) by Alli Snow (1/5)

FANDOM: Stargate: Atlantis
TITLE: Three Days in Limbo: Day One
AUTHOR: allisnow
GENRE: Drama, Sheppard/Teyla
RATING: R, for adult themes and situations
NOTES: Thanks to seldear for the beta, and to my muse for leaving a tiny little bit of my brain left after this was finished. This is a little darker than my usual; consider yourself warned. I'll be posting a chapter a day -- I figure if I can be completely possessed by a brain-eating fic, I can at least get a little satisfaction for driving others crazy. Don't worry, not holding the conclusion hostage for feedback, because I'm not a loser like that. Feedback is always nice, though.

( Day One, in which our heroes arrive on the seemingly-innocuous planet )
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So this is the Epic fic.

Its excellent, but I really kind of hate you right now, because even before Miarapi came I had a feeling that is what they wanted. And then from that point on all I could think was: O Dear God, over, and over, and over again.

Dude! How can you do that to Teyla?

I really liked the scenes between Teyla and C and Teyla and M, with Teyla all the while plotting and measuring her means of escape and how far each action would take her. It was beautiful.

Eagerly awaiting more.
This is great, but in a painful way. I'm so scared for Teyla right now! I love your Teyla POV, and a lot of things you brought up are things I've thought about. How their casual use of pop culture references must drive her up the wall sometimes, how the Athosian shirts she wears must give her a link back to her people, etc.

Among other things, I loved Rodney's "Not in Canada!" And Ronon's matter-of-fact statement that any of them who touch Teyla are going to die.

I seriously can't wait for more. Is it tomorrow yet? :)