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I got the job!

I'm going to be teaching fifth grade at Gehringer, and school starts on July 31st.

Yikes! I hardly know where to start!
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Congratulations! Said it would be good news.

As for starting, get your Young Republicans material together and start planning the Re-Elect Arnie Committee!

Well done Miss H!
oh wow thats AWESOME yet kinda scary at the same time eh?


Grade 5....whooo.

Oh yay!

I was so happy when I read this!

That is so awesome, your 1st choice school!
Congrats! Wow, starting that soon, huh?

I'm sure you'll have a blast.
Hooray! *throws confetti and does Numfar dance of joy* Congratulations!
I have nothing original to say, so I'll chime in my "congrats!" too. :)
Yay! Fifth grade is such an awesome age to teach. I know you'll do great :)
Oh WOW that is AWESOME! Congrats!!!

Awesome, and... so /soon./ I hope you have smooth sailing getting ready for it all.
Cool! Congrats! 5th grade is an interesting age...could be fun. :o)

And, July 31st? Is that normal for California? None of our schools start for another month.
Well, it varies from district to district. Oakley is modified traditional, which means we have a shorter summer break, but we get two weeks off in March and October as well as two weeks around Christmastime.