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You know, I told myself I wasn't going to get all apeshit invested in any Atlantis pairings like I've done with, well, lots and lots of other pairings. I told myself I was going to be cool about it. But then I read this little snippet from meivocis's con report from London, and I got all nervous-butterflied, and realized... damn it to hell. I'm invested.

Rachel also let slip that the last scene she filmed, before hiatus, was from an upcoming episode where she gets a love interest. The love interest isn't one of our beloved boys but in the scene she had to explain to one of them that she had feelings for somebody else...


ETA: I should explain...

I'm not upset that Teyla gets a love interest, cause honestly she's the only person on the show who hasn't been shown to have any ... special friends of the opposite sex (well except for Ronon, but I believe that's going to change in early S3) and as a fan of the character I really want to see that side of her, even if it's not immediately with John. It's more of the little voice in my head screaming omg ship angst! that makes me all wobbly and, well, prone to screaching Waaahhh!

Okay, I just wanted to get that off my chest.


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