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Quite an interesting meta on Lizzie over on shusu's journal. I don't think I really have anything to add to it, but there is some great analysis of both SG1 and SGA Weir (I know they're technically the same character, but I can't help seeing them as two different stages if nothing else). The analysis of Teyla, on the other hand... *clears throat* Well, that's for another post ;)

I think it was seldear who mentioned, a while back (I think it was while I was writing my fic for Taking Flight, which is a Lizzie story with possible Liz/Ronon undertones) that for someone who claims not to care for Liz, I tend to write her a lot. And not like the SamHatingBitches in SG1 fandom tend to write Sam, either. Because even though there are certainly parts of the character that irritate me (her anti-military posturing in the early days of the character, her lack of brain cells when it comes to Shep, etc) it's a very writable role in that there's lots of conflict. Conflict with the rest of the Pegasus Galaxy, Genii and Wraith and Olesians and Athosians and all of them, for whom her liberalism is either weakness or craziness or some kind of totally alien notion), conflict with the military (managing to keep her job in Intruder by reminding Hank that the President hand-picked her kills me every time I think about it), and conflict in herself as she has to reconcile her former positions with her new reality. I keep imagining ol' Elizabeth 'stop spending on the military' Weir sitting in her office in Atlantis filling out requisition forms for the USAF and USMC and repeatedly banging her head on her desk.

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