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A comment about SGA's Season 3 which may include spoilers:

Daniel in Atlantis?

Gethimoff gethimoff gethimoff!


Okay, I'm better.
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I get more than enough of Daniel on SG1... I don't need him on my other favorite show, too.
I didn't think about it that way, really good point and yet aren't they on Atlantis in the SG1 episode?
Are they? I dunno. All I heard was "Shanks on Atlantis" and it made me want to run away. ;)
You'll be happy to know he's only doing 16 of the 20 episodes this season on SG-1, then. He took time off to be with Lexa when she delivered their little boy earlier in the year, and he planned to take a couple extra weeks off duringthe summer to be with Tatiana (his oldest by Viatiare Banderra aka Sha're).
Do they think they need to try and entice SG1 viewers to watch SGA?

Cause I hate to tell them that I think Shanks is the last way to do it. SG1 becoming the Daniel Jackson show is one of the reasons I only kinda watch it anymore.