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1. I'm tired of livejournal recommending that I change my password "because it's too easy to guess". No it isn't! Leave me the hell alone!

2. No shuttle launch today, and the weather doesn't look promising for tomorrow. I hate to pout about it, because the primary concern is the safety of the astronauts aboard, but I'm kind of pouting anyway.

3. I'm potty-training my cats. Yes, you read that right. They handled the 'moving the litter box atop the toilet seat' stage just fine. Today we begin the 'put a bowl of litter down in the toilet bowl' stage, which they don't seem as enthusiastic about. It makes me nervous because I don't want them deciding that the disappearance of their box means they can take a pee wherever they feel like. o_0

4. The Giants and Padres are playing a double-header but the first game, which is happening right now, is not being televised. Grr. But it could be worse... it could be on FOX.

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