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*pops some excedrin*

I think every week should start with Tuesday instead of Monday. And it should end on Wednesday instead of Friday ;)

I got back to school around 11oclock, which was good because I had 300+ emails to skim, seeing as how I didn't check it this weekend. I also got an email from Darren (um, a week ago, but I'm bad at checking old emails) about doing episode reviews for I know, like I really need something else to distract me from school/fic ;) It should be interesting to see when the first wails of protest come about an evil ship-loving Daniel hating HW being some kind of 'official voice' for GW. Bleh.

Anyhoo, a review of Disclosure is on my menu for this week. Which means I'm going to have to watch the ep again. That's actually not a terrible thing - I didn't mind the ep as much as others seemed to, because I don't expect much from a clip episode - but I think it'll be harder to find an angle on this kind of episode. But I do have some things to say :D

I put a sign supporting the President and the troops in my window. So far no bricks, rocks, or rude gestures from passerbys, but then again this is UOP, not UC Bezerkly *g*

*sigh* Really should be doing my Spanish homework. Yep.

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