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My aunt and I just got back from seeing The Lake House. Good movie! I was looking forward to seeing it because the plot sounded interesting, but the directing and acting and everything was also very well done. Yes, great acting... from Keanu! Honestly I think the poor guy's gotten a bad rap since Speed -- which, yes, was pretty bad, but he was a real person in this one. In fact, I would like one of him delivered to my door, oh, any time this week. I'm flexible.

I don't think this is a spoiler, but people who've seen the movie should know what I mean when I say A bus! Ha! The irony of it all!

Of course now I'm in a rather fluffy mood which does not mesh well with the dark creepiness of the fic that has eaten my soul (hereafter referred to as TFTHEMS. I'm thinking I should probably take this opportunity to finish up my teylaficathon entry - due Friday, eek! - but my head is just so full of TFTHEMS... it keeps unraveling in my head even when I don't want it too, which is probably one of the top signs of psychosis. I was actually thinking about taking some excedrin last night just for the caffeine, so I could stay awake and keep reading. I didn't, though, because I thought giving in to the temptation might mean I had a drug problem *g*

In summary:

- The Lake House is very nice and I want my own Alex

- Also, how cute was that dog?

- TFTHEMS is still eating my soul, but if I don't have this fic finished on time tielan is going to do something ugly.
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I thought "The Lake House" was pretty cute. Totally predictible, but it fulfilled my need for something foofy to watch. And the dog was adorable. As was Keanu.

I read a bunch of bad reviews and then saw it anyway. I had to laugh when I finally saw the movie, because one reviewer just was totally not getting it. He (or she) was all confused because they didn't understand how the two characters could sit on benches and have a conversation across two years. Ha! I wish I could find that review and e-mail the writer. "Um, it was a dramatization? So, like, we didn't watch Keanu and Sandra reading and writing letters for two hours?" Heh.