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My aunt and I just got back from seeing The Lake House. Good movie! I was looking forward to seeing it because the plot sounded interesting, but the directing and acting and everything was also very well done. Yes, great acting... from Keanu! Honestly I think the poor guy's gotten a bad rap since Speed -- which, yes, was pretty bad, but he was a real person in this one. In fact, I would like one of him delivered to my door, oh, any time this week. I'm flexible.

I don't think this is a spoiler, but people who've seen the movie should know what I mean when I say A bus! Ha! The irony of it all!

Of course now I'm in a rather fluffy mood which does not mesh well with the dark creepiness of the fic that has eaten my soul (hereafter referred to as TFTHEMS. I'm thinking I should probably take this opportunity to finish up my teylaficathon entry - due Friday, eek! - but my head is just so full of TFTHEMS... it keeps unraveling in my head even when I don't want it too, which is probably one of the top signs of psychosis. I was actually thinking about taking some excedrin last night just for the caffeine, so I could stay awake and keep reading. I didn't, though, because I thought giving in to the temptation might mean I had a drug problem *g*

In summary:

- The Lake House is very nice and I want my own Alex

- Also, how cute was that dog?

- TFTHEMS is still eating my soul, but if I don't have this fic finished on time tielan is going to do something ugly.

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