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I'm watching a download of this Urban Rush special for SGA, and they're talking to Torri -- making references to nice, sexy aliens (rather than the evil life-sucking ones) and she refers to long hair and "great dreads".

ETA: LOL, David says that it's his job to break every stereotype about how nice Canadians are... to be the biggest @$$hole Canadian ever. And he used the term "snarkastic" and credited it to a fan!

I'm still not used to hearing non-Scottish Paul's voice... too weird.

Rachel's up and she looks so pretty! And cute, and skinny. Damn her ;) I hope she's going to have her hair up like that in S3. She describes Teyla as a strong, wonderful woman who is the leader of her people, a warrior, a diplomat, the character she has always wanted to play. Plus she gets to incorporate her physical skills, which is cool. She says when Teyla was originally created, she was not a warrior character. The fighting aspect wasn't originally there, but she thinks it's fantastic working with the stunt guys. On the first day of shooting the stunt coordinator came into her trailer and started throwing sticks around and said "Okay, this is what you're going to be doing". She first thought "like hell" and was a little scared - she also had her first fight scene and her first time firing a gun.

Life is good being on this show, good material, good fans. She mentions how the fan base is about 90% women and so they're busy throwing their panties at the guys, but they're lovely and loyal; the conventions are intimidating because you have to go on stage and talk about yourself for an hour, and a lot of the times the fans know more than she does about the show. She says Teyla needs some love and love interests. The interview guy asks where Shep fits into that (they've been showing a lot of her and Joe's scenes together) and Rachel starts giggling, says there are lots of options and grandma always told her to play the field (but not to sleep with them, heh).
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