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Okay, this is way funny

Road to Hell Is Paved With… Liberals?

Conservatives are more secure in their beliefs that they will not go to hell and that they know someone who also won't suffer eternally, according to a June poll of 10,000 Beliefnet members.

Liberals expressed less confidence in their chances of escaping the underworld and in their ability to identify the damned, the poll shows.

Of those who identified themselves as conservatives, 46 percent replied "not a chance" in rating their likelihood of meeting a fiery end, as compared with 28 percent of liberals. Among born-again Christians, the most confident of their prospects of avoiding hell, 55 percent replied "not a chance," as compared with 21 percent of Roman Catholics.

More than half of those polled believe they know at least one person headed for Satan's clutches. Among conservatives, 64 percent say they do, and among liberals, 47 percent.

Of respondents who think they know someone on the highway to hell, 61 percent are men and 54 percent are women. Nearly 25 percent of those polled believe their family members are on a path to perdition, Beliefnet reports.

In addition, those same people think hell is a place of fire and torment.
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