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First things first: happy birthday natilla and calyx!

Secondly... I got in bed tonight, started reading Ethan of Athos - yes, I giggled at the name, for I am a dork - got to a stopping point around midnight and decided to try and sleep, because I had the bright idea of taking a subbing position for tomorrow.

And then, my brain, which is well known for its wonderful timing, decided to spit up an opening for the fic I've been musing over. That I've been pulling my hair out trying to come up with an opening for, trying to find that momentum. So naturally I had to get up and write the first page, which was about as much as what was spit up. But now I'm afraid to go back to bed because then my brain will start upchucking prose again, and I'll either have to get up and write it or risk it all being lost!

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*smooch* Thank you! :D

Go to bed, otherwise, you will so regret it in the morning!
Ethan of Athos. Very good book, and I think it gets ignored more by her fans than it should, due to the lack of Miles. One of my favorite conversations in LMB's works takes place towards the end, between Ethan and the cetagandan Colonel. About tools and methods, and why sometimes taking the most suspicious, expedient route is a Bad Thing. (I don't think that's detailed enough to spoil anyone, is it?)

The other thing about that book is, that for a woman who is supposedly an atheist (or at the very least agnostic), she sure writes about faith and religion a lot. And with a deep reverence (even if most Conservative Christians would have a fit over this book, given the culture/population of Athos).