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Prior to two nights ago, I had gone a few nights without any weird dreams. Which in itself is pretty weird because I'm always having weird dreams.

No fear... they're back!

Night before last I had a very detailed, very complex dream about Harry Potter, of all things (I haven't been reading or even thought about HP in months) and that I had found out secrets from the last book... like how Harry's parents weren't actually his parents but his real mom killed herself when he was little and his real dad was a putz, so James and Lilly adopted him. And Harry and Draco became friends and were hanging out in the library.

Last night I dreamed that my aunt and uncle had decided to buy a horse. Which is pretty insane because their backyard is barely big enough for their dog, never mind a horse. I also had a rather freaky SGA dream where Teyla had been kidnapped by some bad dude but was able to contact Sheppard but only on certain days. And it was angsty and USTful. And then the fic ended and I realized that it was a fic that I was reading and one by seldear at that, so I emailed her and demanded more. Heehee.
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