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Weekend update

I haven't posted since Thursday, yikes!

- Friday I took my cousin to see Cars. Soooo cute! And the VFX... wow. Pixar, I love you.

- Saturday I helped my folks with Grad Nite, which is an all-night party the high school has the evening of graduation to ensure that as many kids as possible aren't spending the night drinking (and driving). There's fireworks, games, inflatable stuff like laser tag, and all the food, coffee and sugar you can eat.

- Yesterday I went to a concert in Sacramento, along with my cousin's wife, her neighbor and some of the neighbor's friends. It was hot as hell, but pretty fun. We saw Scott Stapp, Switchfoot and INXS. Geez, the INXS guy is a freak. Good music, though.

I have a headache.

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